Hotel Shadab- Hyderabad

Welcome to True Biryani Paradise! (pun intended)
Hotel Shadab, the place to gorge on the best biryani in the world. Hyderabad being the Biryani Capital of the world and Shadab serving the best biryani in Hyderabad. Well, you do the math. It definitely equates to the best mix of perfectly flavored rice with chunks of mouth-watering-ly deliciously cooked meat in the world.


Located very close to the most iconic building in Hyderabad, the Charminar this place is a must must visit when you decided to go on an expedition to old Hyderabad. Ask around and all hands point to Shadab, unquestionable the best place to explore authentic Hyderabadi cuisine.

They have managed to preserve the old world charm of Hyderabad, with a small stall selling the famous Osmania biscuits and Irani chai on the ground floor.A lovely round table seating arrangement on the first and a plush AC seating area at the top with an old clock to add to the royal touch.Let me warn you, if you are a hygiene freak, ensure you go straight to the AC floor or simple grab a quick takeaway before your eyes pyre on something the stops you from tasting the world’s best biryani.


The have a host of different kebabs that you can choose from.
We ordered the Chicken 65 and the Mutton Bura Kebab for starters, both of which were delicious.Soft tender pieces of meat, perfectly flavored on the outside.
Coming to the highlight of the afternoon, their famous Mutton Biryani, tender juicy pieces of mutton, it was simply delicious, the smell of the biryani could cause all your senses to simply stop and thank god for this lovely meal.The Chicken biryani is alright too.

Delicious Faloodas to quench your thirst.
Delightful Kebabs.

For all the veggies out there, I’m terribly sorry, but from my friends I’ve learnt that this is just not the place to eat what you guys call the ‘veg biryani’.I still strongly believe it is to be called veg pulav 😉
Order one of their faloodas to wash it all down, a nice mix of ice cream, chia seeds and khoya, it’s a must try.


The staff here are quite busy but they have a remarkable memory.
So don’t bother repeating your order a hundred times wondering if they heard you the first time.
Priced perfectly, food here screams value for money.
Overall one of the Legendary restaurants here in Hyderabad, you have not eaten true Hyderabadi food until you dine at Hotel Shadab. So please go visit this place and you’ll go back a very happy person 🙂

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