Ginger House – Kochi

India’s first and only museum restaurant.

They ensure that every dish here is gingered up with the one of the best spices Indian cuisine has to offer, any guesses. Yes, its our humble enjee as they call it here in Kerala.


Antique-ful welcome

Located overlooking the magnificent Kochi backwaters, this place is an architectural marvel, from the chairs, doors, pillars and even the cupboards, everything here is sure to catch your eye.They have a host of different dishes to choose from, some irresistibly fresh sea food, distinctive ginger flavored drinks and some of Kerala’s best delicacies.

The magnificent Kochi backwaters

The restaurant is located about a kilometer away from the Jewish Synagogue on Jew street making it a hot favorite among  tourists.A huge Palliyodam (snake boat), located at the entrance is one of the largest I’ve seen, it sure will lead you right in.

Ensure you pay a visit to the Heritage Art museum located adjacent to the restaurant. You will be mesmerized by the antique collection, the perfect place to spend sometime while your food arrives. Ancient bullock-cart stands transformed into book shelves, old-fashioned temple statues and even whole churches and temples that have been preserved in the 44 rooms located in the showroom. Mind you, every room has a unique story to tell.

Coming to the chow chow, we gorged on some immensely soft appams with Fish molly.

Fish molly is one of my favorite dishes, if you are a seafood lover like me, then you have to try this, the perfect combination, fried fish in a mildly flavored coconut stew. We also tried the Grilled Ginger Fish which was absolutely delightful, marinated using fresh ginger with a nice sweet ting to it served with fries.

Grilled Ginger Fish

The Ginger Lime soda was great too, a cool and refreshing drink to beat the Kerala heat.

Lastly we decided to try their signature dessert- Ginger Ice Cream- natural ice cream is one thing I absolutely love and this creamy ice cream with tiny ginger pieces just made me the happiest.

For Dessert- Ginger Ice cream

The service is a little on the slow side. However, there is so much to see around, you just can’t complain.

Overall a great place, wonderful ambiance, ensure you visit the Ginger House on your next visit to fort Kochi, it will be a antiqu-ful day indeed.

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