Nonno-World’s Thinnest Pizza- Dubai

World’s thinnest pizza it iss!
We decided to try NONNO expecting something close to a papad or khakara with toppings, but this place is simply amazing, a must try when you’re in the area.

Definitely the World’s Thinnest – Perfect for calorie counters 🙂

Located in Bay Avenue Mall, it may get a little difficult to find, in fact it took us sometime to finally get to this place, it’s located close to the Taj Hotel in the Mall, very close to Spinney’s supermarket.
The ambiance is, well nothing to boast of just simple black tables and slightly dim lighting, it’s a small place. Elegant and chic would be an apt description.

We were greeted by a very friendly man who happened to be a partner with the group.
Originally designed for supermodels and the diet conscious to keep those calories at bay, it has now become a hot favorite among those looking out for some delicious pizzas. They have a variety of options to choose which can be a little difficult a choice without assistance, given the fancy names on the menu.
We tried the
Supermodel: with tiny pieces of pineapple,topped with bacon,I didn’t notice the pineapple on the menu as I’m not a big fan but it actually tasted amazing.

Supermodel- Oh yes, it looks yummy too

On location (Hot scene)-this was my favorite of the lot, amazingly thin, slightly chewy crust with a topping of pepperoni pieces and cheesy,a great choice.
Fashion show: with ground beef and cheese on top, another good choice.

Ball Gown Martini: If you are looking for a lovely dessert with a double dash of coffee, this one is a clear choice.

Ball Gown Martini

Double shot coffee with vanilla ice cream on top, sprinkled with some cinnamon to give it flavour.
Who knew something so simply could taste so divine
To wash it down we tried their freshly squeezed orange juice, very refreshing.The staff here is extremely friendly and they just made our experience so much better. They guided us through the different options available and the choices that would best suit our liking.

The check

Overall I would say a great place to enjoy a couple of slices of pizzas, maybe even two without feeling bloated, a wonderful experience,a must try when in Dubai.


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