Big Brewsky – Sunday Brunch

It’s big and it’s happening – It’s Big Brewsky!

Perfect Brunch Destination

There is no place like Big Brewsky for a Sunday brunch. Where else can you find the perfect combination of the most relaxing ambiance, a variety of dishes from different parts of the world, some freshly brewed beer(double wohoooo) and a kickass crowd. Well there is a lot more – live music, live food counters and a car full of dessert, yes yes, you heard me right. I’m here to tell you all about my experience at this resort-style lounge. To sum it up in two words- Loved it!

We decided to head to Big Brewsky to try out their brew, and have a few light snacks, but turns out the only have the buffet option on Sundays. Our stomachs were not really prepared for a buffet, considering the heavy breakfast we had, but after looking at the dishes on display, hmmm, you can’t really help but get hungry again.

This place is huge, spread across four floors with a lovely fish pond at the center, a bar counter opposite it and a dance floor on the third floor that transforms into the most happening place on a Saturday night. The place is very outdoor-sy, elegantly done up and for me it’s just the perfect definition of a happy and lively place.However, I found the seating to be a little cramped.

So before you dig in, ensure you check out the place, they have a huge spread, so you don’t want to miss a thing. For starters, we tried the grills and I absolutely loved the Pork sausages and bacon. The waiter also whipped up an amazing salad with a balsamic vinegar dressing for me, just a simple salad to make you feel less guilty while you binge on . Next stop, sushi, that’s it, will keep myself occupied for sometime. Sushi is my weakness, I can eat it anytime, anyday and I will never get fedup. It’s a little sad that there aren’t many good sushi places in Bangalore. So anyway, they had six different types of sushi, they also had a veg sushi,which wouldn’t really qualify as sushi for me though 😛 My plate was stacked, but the best part about sushi is that it’s incredibly light. It came with soy, wasabi and ginger, just as I like it.

The live waffle counter

Let me warn you, there is just too much going on here. They have a pizza counter at one corner, a pani puri counter, an exquisite dessert counter, a salad counter, hmmm the list goes on. So here I was hopping for one counter to the next deciding on what to eat and still managing to keep some room for dessert, because it’s just not humanly possible to eat so much. Well but I still managed to taste pretty much everything.


For me the highlight was the dessert counter, they had all my favorites, from cheesecake, Tiramisu, lemon tart, cupcakes, chocolate truffle, most of them served in bite size portions, loved the whole spread, kept going back for more. They also had a chocolate fountain and a live waffle counter.

And I still haven’t told you about my favorite accompaniment throughout the brunch- A mug of cold wheat beer. Extremely light with a mild flavoring, milder on the alcohol content as well. It just completed my day, hmmm what more could you ask for on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Overall a must visit place if you are looking at going for a brunch with friends, or it’s also a perfect regular hangout destination to grab some beer and snacks. And the ambiance is everything ❤



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