Bangalore Fashion Week – Sheraton Grand Hotel

When you have a passion for fashion then everything you adorn just speaks for itself.

I was invited to the 15th edition of the Bangalore Fashion Week at Sheraton Grand for the showcase of Designers -Alpa&Reena’s new collection ‘Malakia’. Malakia is inspired by the Grand Mosque at Abu Dhabi, one place with its intricate designs and chandeliers that will leave you awestruck. What a great idea by the sister duo to incorporate the intricate designs and colors of the mosque on the silhouettes. Loved the collection, some of it was simple and comfortable, but they also had their share of mirror work and beautiful use of Lucknowi chikan prints.I particularly liked the peach outfit that one of the designers adorned. The dance choreography was brilliant, the first act by the model in white incited curiosity and set the vibes for the show.

They also had a few famous fashion bloggers who walked the ramp for the show. Loved the energy and vibes at the show. In terms of the set-up, Sheraton did a great job, but I was a little disappointed with the sponsorship for the event. There were not many kiosks, they had a ‘Guess the green tea flavour’ counter by Teatley and a counter for cold-pressed juice by Raw Pressery. So being the foodie that I am, the food scene was a huge disappointment. Hopefully, next year we’ll see more food counters. I know it’s not about the food at the Bangalore Fashion Week, but you’ll have to agree with me, food just makes everything better 🙂

The Showstopper- Mrs India Universe- Lakshmi Seshadri

So enjoy these pictures from the show and Stay fashionable! And I would also like to thank my friend, Sandra for accompanying me to event, being the fashionista that she is, I’m sure she enjoyed it much more 🙂

What we wore to the BFW!
And it’s a close, until the next edition of the BFW, Great show indeed!

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