Toscano – Orion Mall

Well let me admit it, I’m a Cheese Lover, from cheesy lines once in a while to the cheesiest topping on a pizza is something that I just can’t resist.

Off to Toscano!

So we were off to Toscano, after the Bangalore Fashion week at Sheraton to appease our sudden insatiable craving for cheese. Toscano is located in Orion Mall, a stone throw away from Sheraton. The decor is nicely done up, however, I found the place to be a little dingy and dark on the outside. I think they meant to give the place a romantic feel, but due to the lack of candles, I felt like it was one of those ‘dialogue in the dark’ experiences again. Also, sitting on the unstable and creaky chairs with no light was quite a challenge.

When asked if I could take a few pictures of the place, they denied, which was fair enough. However, I did manage to get one click, of the Toscano signboard inside and I’ll show you what happened a little later. After which I was glad I didn’t take any pictures of the place, don’t know what I would have discovered.

Coming to the cibo, we were not really hungry, like I said we only came for something cheesy 😉 We settled for one Main dish and a Dessert, cause I’ve been waiting to try their signature Kahlua mousse after having seen some beautiful pictures of this impeccably plated mousse with an almond tuile. We ordered the Chicken Lasagna, which was nice and cheesy just like we wanted it to be, the chicken mince was flavored perfectly and I found the lasagna to be a little more that al dente, but overall the dish was delicious.

Chicken Lasagna

Their Signature Chocolate Kahlua Mousse was delectable in both appearance and taste. I’m not a big fan of mousse in general, considering how creamy and heavy it is, but I loved this one, the coffee liqueur brought in a nice airiness to the dessert. The creme anglaise was a little on the sweeter side but it went really well with the mousse.

Their signature Chocolate Kahlua Mousse

Service was a huge disappointment, it was quite side and post our dinner of just two items, they brought us a cheque which was for another table that amounted to 3000, for a second we thought we should have just dined at Sheraton instead 😛 But turns out they got us the wrong bill.

So coming to the part that made my experience here horrendous, we saw an extremely huge lizard on the sign board and funnily enough I discovered it only after taking a picture, just to zoom in to check for clarity. I’m never going back here again, love the service and ambiance of the UB City branch though.

There you can see it camouflaged above the O

Must have : The Signature Chocolate Kahlua Mousse at any of the other Toscano branches.

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