RAW Pressery – Juice it up

Your early morning health fix!
A bottle of this juiced up goodness is going to keep you active all day long. They also have a couple of bundle packs to choose from, ranging from a mild cleanse to a deep cleanse which can be anywhere between 1-3 days.

All the different variants on display.

Cold-Pressed Juice, a new concept in India. The juices at RAW Pressery are extracted (juice and pulp) using a cold press technology that retains the maximum nutrients and natural sugars in the juice. The traditional method of using blenders, oxidizes the juice and kills some of the essential nutrients.

They have a variety of different juices that include super foods like chia seeds, kale and almond milk. I tried their Basic Orange Juice, made from Valencia Oranges, don’t know if these are available in India or if they get them sourced. I also tried the LOVE and LIFE that I absolutely LOVEd, the sourness of the strawberries and blueberries in LIFE give it a great taste. All their juices are naturally sweet, there is no added sugar, you can taste the difference from the regular processed variants.

I’m not a big fan of excessively sweetened juices in general and RAW Pressery has come as a savior. However, it comes at a price, considering each bottle (420 ml) costs 150, it is almost double of what you would pay for your regular juice. Their monthly subscription comes at 3990 a month, for all those serious health addicts, looking at a detox option, head to RAW Pressery, but I find it to be a little too expensive.

My favorite Basic Juice!

So if you are in search of this bottle of goodness (All good and no bad), head to Foodhall at 1 MG, Nilgiris or Nature’s Basket. They also deliver, you can place an order on their website. And now coming to my favorite part, once you are done, you  can also write to them and they’ll come and pick up your used bottles and get it recycled.

So get ready to juice it up and stay healthy!
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