Fenny’s Lounge and Kitchen – Koramangala

The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the word ‘Fenny’ is the cashew liquor, a specialty in Goa. Have no idea what the name means here though.

Here it is

I visited Fenny’s for the first time a couple of years ago, just after they opened. My friend wanted to host a party and we were in search of the best venues and happened to bump into this place on our search around Koramangala. The first time I walked in, I fell in love with this place. The ambiance is simply perfecto, it gives out a lovely, relaxing European holiday vibe.

The have a wood-fire oven,a small g around garden in every nook and corner and my favorite is the small party space on the terrace with a BBQ counter. So the time I visited, they hadn’t started service yet as they just opened up the place and it was pretty empty, the green wine bottle chandelier near the bar counter, a brilliant idea and I love the mosaic flooring as well. The place has broken the Limca book of records for the largest wine bottle chandelier that is the highlight of the place.

Limca Record for the largest wine bottle chandelier

I recently visited Fenny’s after a long time to try their pizzas. The pizzas here are delicious, I found the crust to be a tee bit doughy, but overall the toppings were great, loaded with cheese. I particularly liked the Pesto Pizza, their BBQ Chicken Pizza is great too. They have a good variety of cocktails to choose from as well, with quirky names.

The service is a little on the slow side, we were super hungry and we had to wait for atleast 15 minutes for each dish to arrive. Next stop my favorite part of every meal-dessert, they didn’t have many options and this for me was a huge disappointment. You know how much I love my desserts. 🙂 You won’t believe it, but at every event I go to, I first take a stroll around the dessert counter and I know I’m being judgmental, but for me if the desserts look good, then the food is definitely going to be great without doubt. And trust me, my theory works, I am a believer in the statement great looking desserts is directly proportional to good food, however the reverse doesn’t apply.

So anyway, getting back to my un-theoretical self. I love this place, but the music for me was too loud, maybe it was because I was here on a Saturday and they were trying to pump it up.

Recommendations : Great place to hangout with friends, especially if you’re a pizza lover. Also a great place for a relaxed evening date. But let me warn you, never go to Fenny’s for dessert, and I mean neverr

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