Limca Book of Records – Longest Domino Trail

A few weeks ago I was invited by High Ultra Lounge for the launch of their Retro Asian Brunch, what better way to launch a brunch than a record breaking activity right? High has always been one of my favorite destinations in Bangalore, you just can’t help but get high on High.

All set!

Standing tall at 421 feet, the view from the top is simply mesmerizing. You can see the whole of Bangalore, while you enjoy your meal and some of the most stunning cocktails this city has seen. High was successful in setting a record for the longest domino trail, any guesses on how many shots?

Would you like a shot? 1,2……421 maybe

The perfection with which each Jagermeister shot fell into the glass of bubbly Red Bull, kudos to Team Sheraton Grand, they pulled it off and High has always been known to be a class apart.

It was a wonderful event, the Domino trail being the highlight, there was a performance by celebrity bartenders Pankaj& Sachin from Flair-o-logy and a kite flying activity was also arranged. Here are a few pictures from the event.

I would like to thank my friend Anmol for accompanying me to the event. We had a wonderful Sunday Brunch at High.

Anmol and me 🙂

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