Indian Kitchen – MG Road

There is nothing like an authentic Indian fair!

The best part being, you can savor each dish to the fullest. Get ready to indulge in a full blown Thali, oh yes, and the chef also subtly hinted that it would be a good idea to miss a few meals before you dine here, and I would definitely agree with him.

Indian Kitchen, located adjacent to City Bar on MG Road

A fusion restaurant, beautiful interiors and a chef whose passion for food knows no bounds, trust me you are sorted for the night (that is if you’re here for dinner). So get ready to delve into this gastronomical haven accompanied by a special psychedelic buddy, none other than the vibrant Indian Elephant who is sure to catch your gaze as soon as you enter.


The lighting is simply brilliant, love the shades, quirky set-up that gives out a very relaxed, modern vibe. I was here last week for their Parsi Bhonu Thali launched for a week during the Parsi Navroz (New Year), but I’m afraid the same Thali won’t be available as it was only till 21st Aug. But they do have a very promising Mutton and Chicken Thali, that I’ve heard so much about from my fellow foodies and I just can’t wait to try it.





Their mantra – each of their dishes are cooked to perfection and you can eat all you want. A buffet of sorts, but let me tell you, each and every dish here is cooked to perfection, something that is very rare in a buffet.


Coming to the food that kept me khush khush throughout the night as I missed a few glares from my buddy on the wall (really hope you know what I’m talking about, lest you might think I am a little crazy in the head)! Anyway, we started off with some refreshing flavored soda topped with sabja seeds, nothing out of the box. I would call this a very cliched drink, but a very enjoyable one indeed, perfectly sweet with the sabja adding a nice crunch. Next stop, for starters, in true Parsi fashion- we were treated to some authentic Bheja Nu Cutlet, Salli Botti, Farcha and this mouthwatering beetroot cutlet. I think Beetroot is the most underrated vegetable in Indian, I’m hoping this cutlet changes a few minds and makes you fall in love and dance to the beets.You guessed it right, Beetroot is one of my favorite vegetables, how can you possibly say no to this beautiful velvety juicy vegetable, enough about the beets now!


Mains- Dhansak, a deadly combination indeed. Perfectly flavored mutton, I am told Dhansak is a very famous dish among the Parsi community, made using fifteen different spices. The rice was slightly sweet with a saffron aroma and it went extremely well with the Kachumber Salad. I’m a complete noob when it comes to Parsi cuisine, in spite of the chef guiding us on what is to be eaten with what, for me everything tasted delicious and I just polished off everything with the accompaniment of my choice. Except for the best part- Dessert, keeping the best for the last indeed.


The humble little Lagan Nu Custard- simply divine, not too sweet, just as I like it. Topped with some chironji seeds for an added crunch, this custard was a perfect end to our meal, light and delicious. I also settled for a glass of some hot Masalani Irani Chai, strong with a nice hint of different flavors. Kudos to Chef Shaikh and his team at Indian Kitchen, this is one of my highly recommended places for Indian cuisine.


Overall a wonderful place to take your family, the ambiance is beautiful, even for a special date. This would also be a great place to introduce your firangi friends to Indian food.

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