Kappa Chakka Kandhari(KCK) – Onam Fest

“Home is where the heart is, and there is nothing better for the heart than some delicious, traditional cooking.”


It’s that time of the year again, Malayalees all over over the world are gearing up to celebrate Kerala’s biggest harvest festival- Onam. Onam is not complete without the traditional Onasadya and Pookalam(floral carpet), in Kerala there are other activities like the Pulikali, and Thiruvathira Kali that is quite popular during this time. The sadya is the most enjoyable part of Onam and every Malayalee eagerly waits to make one at home or attend one of the sadyas organized outside. Luckily for me this year, my aunts and grandmother have planned on hosting a potluck at my aunts house and we’ll  be celebrating Onam by indulging in a full fledged home cooked sadya.



Most of us, caught up in the  hustle bustle of life, don’t really have the time to make all the dishes and do justice to the traditional sadya. We settle for a few of our favorites and sometimes order a few dishes to make up for atleast half the sadya. So this Onam, Kappa Chakka Khandhari has given  us Malayalees in Bangalore a reason to be happy and go on a nostalgic journey feasting on some traditional Onam delicacies.Kappa Chakka Kandhari is the brainchild of internationally acclaimed Chef Regi Mathew(Benjarong and Ente Keralam), John Paul and Augustive KV, collaborating to bring to us the traditions associated with the festival of Onam.


A few days ago,I was invited for a special preview of the Onam Fest hosted by Kappa Chakka Kandhari at Catholic Club. I had eagerly been waiting to feast on some of my favorite Onam delicacies, and when I saw the spread at Catholic Club, my tummy did a little happy dance. Chef Regi,explained the different dishes on the table (28 to be precise) and he also gave us a short explanation on the order in which the sadhya is to be eaten.


The Onam sadya at Kappa Chakka Kandhari  is an extravagant affair, complete with 28 traditional  dishes (including 4 different varieties of Payasam) served on a banana leaf. For all those vegetarians out there, you have a reason to rejoice, the Onasadya is completely vegetarian friendly, from starters to the desserts, everything is slow cooked with a generous helping of coconut and coconut oil. Before I forget, for all those nariyal haters:P, this is definitely not for you. My favorites were the Sharakhara Perati, banana chips coated with jaggery, I also loved the Avial and the best part for me was the Payasam, 4 different varieties of this sweet goodness, the Pallada Payasam was phenomenal, just like my grandmother makes it. I also loved the Chakka Pradhaman, some might find it extremely sweet, but I loved it. The natural sweetness of the jackfruit came right through and the crunchy fried coconut flakes on top gave it a nice touch


They also have a couple of kiosks(“Onachanda“) and stalls planned, for the busy bees out there, they have a takeaway counter as well. The place is designed in such a way that it can seat close to 600 people at one go and they also have a waiting lounge.So this Onam do head to Marathahalli and indugle in a hearty Onam sadya, trust me, you’ll thank me for this 🙂 I already started my Onam celebrations with the delicious Onam Sadya at Kappa Chakka Kandhari, now I’m looking forward to the sadya at home.



Venue: Marathahalli Grounds, Next to E-Zone, Outer Ring Road

Date and Timings: 10 Sept to 14 Sept, Lunch and Dinner

Moolah: 500 per head

Tickets: http://kappachakkakandhari.com/

Onam Ashamsagal to All!



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