Not all of us are gifted with the culinary skills of a master-chef, but yes I know, we do try sometimes. Then on some days we are just too lazy to even step into the kitchen. Now what if I told you could get chef cooked food delivered right at your doorstep.


Introducing to you Eatfresh, a website that lets you choose from an everyday changing menu with a host of different cuisines to choose from. So to place your order you’ll have to go onto their website and select the dishes of your choice. The interesting part is the website also displays the name of the chef who’ll be whipping up your dinner/ lunch for the day. Their website is not the most user friendly I would say, but it’s very basic and after one use you’ll get the hang of it.


Once you open the website, it’ll ask you for your location after which the menu for the day will be displayed. Everything on the menu looks absolutely delightful, however to be honest, it looked noting like it when it arrived.Kudos to the photographer for taking all those brilliant shots. I ordered the Chicken Lasagna, Lemon Ice Tea, Carrot Cake and the Banoffee Pie, I know I know I have a bit of a sweet tooth. The Chicken Lasanga was a bit dry on the top, but once you break into the cheesy flavorful layers it just surprises you, the sauce that came with it was delicious but I found the bun to be very doughy and dry.The Lemon ice tea was the perfect, most refreshing accompaniment.

Coming to the desserts- I loved the Carrot Cake, topped with oats it has a very different flavour with a lovely caramel sauce towards the edges. Banoffee Pie is one of my favorite desserts, but this one just didn’t do it for me, there mash banana was too much and there was very little of the caramel filled gooey-ness.


Overall I had a great experience, the order was delivered on time.It came with the required cutlery and was packed really well. The pricing is perfect and the portions serve one.

Timings: 12PM- 3:30 PM – (Lunch) 7PM to 10:30PM (Dinner)

Pricing: 500 (inclusive of a salad, mains, dessert and a drink)

Website : Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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