Beer & Breakfast – Bak Bak Bar

What! The sun is out, alreadyyyy?
But I just went to bed (that feeling, when your alarm rings on a Sunday morning).
Are you bored of having the same old oats, upma or idly, well it’s time to shake things up and give you a reason to wake up on a Sunday morning!


When I mean shake things up, I really mean it. Introducing to you the ‘Beer & Breakfast‘ menu at Bak Bak Bar. Last Sunday I was invited for a tasting session at Bak Bak Bar in Koramangala, after a whole week of restaurant launches and tasting sessions, I though I’d sleep in on Sunday, but I was intrigued when I heard Beer and Breakfast. Some might think of it as a combination made in heaven, imagine starting your day with your favorite drink and I don’t mean your early morning shot of caffeine.I’m sure this frothy concoction will keep you equally energized throughout the day.


The ambient atmosphere, quirky surroundings and scrumptious food is sure to wake you up for the week ahead. I skimmed through the menu and realized that I’m in for a treat, the Cheesy Omelette caught my eye and when it made its appearance on my table, cheesy it was indeed. Hmmmm so I’m going to say yay to cheesy mornings 😛 I’m not sure if you’d agree with me.

img_9124img_9123Next stop we tried some of their Signature Parsi and Lebanese dishes, the Akuri and the divine Shakshuka. There is just something divinely comforting  about the Shakshuka, a perfect combination of lightly poached eggs with a lovely tangy base, and it also come with freshly baked pita. Well the pita, I would recommend you skip it or throw it out altogether. The All English Breakfast came next, when they say ‘Eat Breakfast like a King’ (I eat pretty much every meal king style :P) this is what they meal, a platter full of pork sausages,eggs, ham, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans and ohh yes, beeer ). Before I go ahead I must admit, I’m a recovering bacon addict and the bacon that day sure helped me in my process, it was just leathery , chewy and not crispy at all. Bleeeh, so much for eating all that fat.


Amidst all this, they also have some Indian breakfast offerings, we tried the Aloo Paratha, Paniyaram and Idiyapam with Pandi curry, all which were quite good. Now if you’re one who craves for Indian or on the other hand, if you’re vegetarian, then you could settle for these options, but otherwise when you’re treated to a full English breakfast, I’m sure many wouldn’t prefer taking the Indian route.


To end things on a sweet note, we ordered the Pancakes and Waffles. Both of which tasted very similar, but it was delicious, I absolutely enjoyed it. The pancakes, slightly sweet topped with a generous helping of maple syrup and the waffles were great too. I’m always a little apprehensive about tasting waffles, the number of times I’ve seen waffles that look delicious and one bite into it and it’s eggy or tastes like a whole packet of sugar has gone into it. This on the other hand was just perfect. It came with a pecan ice cream, I know it sounds quite fancy, but for me it was part of the skip it genre.



Overall a lovely place, I really enjoyed my Sunday breakfast and I did dine like a king indeed. Loved the colors and quirkiness of the place, it gives out a nice vibe. They also have a few Foosball tables if you’re looking at showing off your competitive streak in the morning.

Moolah : It’s an al a carte menu and most of the dishes are priced between INR 99/- to 299/-. The pancakes cost 100 bucks and trust me guys, it’s well worth it.

Location : 4th floor, Indraprastha Equinox, Near SONY signal, Opposite Oasis Mall, Koramangala, Bengaluru

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