MTR Foods – Carrot Idli and Spinach Vermicilli

Getting us to eat our veggies during our younger days is one thing that every parent struggled with (unless you happen to be one of the extremely good kids who eats pretty much everything, well I was never one of those and I still laugh at some of the weird food experiments that my mom tried on me).

Ahh those days when I would open my lunch box to discover green rotis, sometimes pizzas topped with every vegetable on this planet and thanks to mom, I still can’t eat maggi without a bucket load of veggies. So this pretty much sums up every Indian parents race to make their child eat healthy.


MTR has come up with a new concept of Veggie delights which can be whipped up in no time. They sent me a sample of their newly launched Carrot Idli and Spinach Vermicelli. I tried the Carrot Idli last morning and I liked it, well it’s nothing over the top. It tastes pretty much like idli, no carrot flavor as such, but it comes out orange and that is sure to get every child intrigued. But what I love is that it tastes the same,but it contains a 40% vegetable infusion which just makes it twice as healthy as regular idli. So when you’re going to eat it anyway, why not go healthy. Another thing about this idli is that it doesn’t require a day’s fermentation time as you would do with normal idli. So yay to quick breakfast options. All you need to do is add curd to the mix.


Next stop, I was fascinated by the green color of the vermicelli and decided to give it a shot this morning. There are various recipes you can try with this. There is a Spinach Vermicelli Upma, Vada and Paneer Biryani listed on the packet. I settled for the usual, Spinach Vermicelli Upma, it turned out great and it’s super easy to make as well.

All in all, the packaging is brilliant and the product is a great innovation for those vegetable haters out there. Get ready to be veggi-fied.

Moolah: Rs.22 (160 g) – Spinach Vermicelli

Rs 60(200 g)- Carrot Idli


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