Treatcard Event – OKO@The Lalit Ashok

Treat yourself to a Treatcard!
Are you one of those who loves eating out? Like me.
Are you one of those who’s broke at the end of the month and realize that you’ve spent an exorbitant amount on food. Like me.
Are you one of those who stays away from home and tends to eat out almost everyday? Like how I use to be a few months ago
If you’re all or any of these, you should join the Half-Off club and treat yourself to a Treatcard.


I was in for a treat when I was invited for a Treatcard experience at  OKO@The Lalit Ashok. The deals and offers are simply out of this world, you can choose from :

  • Flat 50% off
  • Buy 1 get 1 free
  • Extended Happy Hours

(I know I know, it’s a very difficult choice to make indeed)

The event started off with a presentation, that I missed, thanks to the Bangalore traffic. However, I was intrigued to learn all about this new diner card that claims to offer half-off the bill. The folks at Treatcard (a lovely bunch of people) told me all about it and just learning about my new card and it’s benefits made me want to flaunt. Trust me, you’ve to experience it to believe it.


The event started off with a few games, after which we were treated to some decadent customized Treatcard cupcakes. When I say, ‘we were in for a treat’, I don’t mean just the cupcakes, the whole experience was phenomenal.The event was impeccably organised. I treated myself to some delicious sushi and lovely Pan Asian delights at OKO.


After our lovely meal, we were shown the bill before and after using the Treatcard. You’ll have to really see it to believe it. Check it out!


They have already partnered with 52 restaurants in the city. The Humming Tree, Biere Club, OKO,to name a few. Another interesting feature is that you can use multiple Treatcards on one table. So what are you waiting for, go grab yourself a Treatcard, at Rs.3000 a year, it’s a steal 😉

Happy Dining folks 🙂


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