Sodabottleopenerwala(SBOW) – New Menu

Sodabottleopenerwala (SBOW), the Irani style restaurant and cafe is here to delight our taste buds with a new and improved menu full of Parsi delicacies with a contemporary twist. The new menu is a good mix of the quintessential Mumbai street foods, transformed to create something out of this world. They also have some innovative concoctions with even more innovative names that’s sure to get you super excited.


Sodabottleopenerwala is located on Lavelle Road, right behind Biere Club and the quirkiness of the place will lead you right in. From the tiled flooring, the incredibly funny signboards, ancient tea pots and the age old paraphernalia in every nook and corner, this place is full of surprises.


A look at the menu and you’ll be spoilt for choice.A very extensive menu, if you’re new to Parsi cuisine, then you’ll be a little taken aback, like I was. So Mohit Balachandran (a.k.a Chowder Singh), the brand head and cuisine director at SBOW came to my rescue.

So in terms of cocktails, they have a range of interesting choices to choose from, my all time favorite is the Raspberry Soda, not the regular synthetic variant available at most cafes, this one with muddled frozen raspberries was a true delight. We also tried some of their other signature cocktails, I particularly liked the Bumsuckerwala (Haha, there is a very interesting story behind it too) and Finding Frenny, both of them were very light on the sweet quotient and extremely refreshing. If you are looking for a mocktails to ease into your weekend, I would recommend the Sekanje Bin, an interesting drink made out of prunes and mint.

Now moving on to the new grub options. We started off with some typical Mumbai snacks, but not the way its typically served, this one had one ingredient that is sure to make you go wow, any guesses? It’s bacon 🙂 Introducing to you Bacon Bhel and Bacon Vada Pav, umh hmh hmmmh( that’s just me expressing my happiness), both of which were delicious, the pav was cooked with bacon butter for an added flavour, but I would have liked a little more bacon in it, I know I know, I do love my bacon and there is never enough.

The next dish that made it’s appearance was the humongous Jumbo Prawn. The prawns were crunchy and delicious, the divorce of the prawn and curry just made it a whole lot crunchier, see sometimes change is good.The next beauty- The famous Berry Pulav is an all time favorite at SBOW, and I fell in love with it on first sight. It’s absolutely absolutely delicious, the sweetness of the berries comes together really well with the tender flavorful chunks of mutton. One dish that is highly recommended. Slowly and stealthily the Rainbow Trout made it’s way to our table, oh hey there. The aroma of the Parsi spices used to marinate the trout is sure to wake your senses.



We also tried the Malai Paratha with the Saturday special Jardaloo Ma Gos, which was simply divine, tender meat with a delicious mildly sweet broth made using apricots. Heavenly is the word!

Now to my favorite part- Dessert. We tried pretty much all the desserts here. Savoring our sweet tooth to some delicious Chocolate Peanut Cheesecake, then moving on to the light Laganu Custard and Mixed Berry Flan and finally finishing off with my favorite- Matunga Coffee Cake– a sinful filter coffee cake laced in a whiskey -caramel sauce. Ahhh need I say more.

5 Reasons to visit SBOW

  • Foooooood ❤ (quite obvious)
  • They bake their own bread and biscuits
  • Quirky ambiance with hit numbers pumping on the jukebox
  • The train, one place where you’ll never miss the train, no matter how late you are 😉
  • Learn all about the Bumsuckerwala


So what are you waiting for? Head to SBOW and fall in love with Parsi food all over again

My Favorites : Raspberry Soda, Berry Pulav, Rainbow Trout and Matunga Coffee Cake

Moolah : 1500 for two

Address :Plot Number 24/4, Lavelle Road, Opposite Harley Davidson Showroom, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

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