Made in Punjab (mip) – UB City

Time for some rich,hearty indulgence!


After the massive success of Farzi Cafe, Massive restaurants Pvt. Ltd. by Zorawar Kalra has brought to Bengaluru another sensation- Made in Punjab. Well the name gives everything away, head to Made in Punjab to indulge in some authentic Punjabi khanna with a contemporary twist. At Made in Punjab, everything speaks of creativity at its very best – from the invites to the launch party, the party itself, the ever quirky names that grace their menu, but here it’s a different kind of quirky, one with a dash of elegance.

Located on the second floor of the fabulous UB City, right behind Farzi cafe, it’s the perfect place to treat your family and friends to an indulgent meal.They also have an elaborate lunch buffet option. Plush seating, nothing to boast off, well-lit, altogether you get a feeling that they have left it to the food to do the talking. Music is the only thing that gives out a Punjabi vibe.


We were enticed by the cocktail menu and decided to start off with some of their signature offerings.The first one to make its mark was the Nashili Chai (comes in a cutting glass tray), a drink that was quite a hit during the launch party and I’m told, a highly requested one till date. I absolutely loved it, considering the fervent chai lover that I am, the inner tea goddess in me was mighty well pleased. Next stop we tried the Jatt Risky Whiskey and Naya Zamana, both of which were spot on in terms of their sweet quotient. I was intrigued to try the Nat Kat Kela, a banana cocktail, ooo that’s a first for me, but given my love for experimentation I couldn’t resist, this one was a thorough failure though.


Some of their signature non-alcoholic concoctions was the next to arrive, the Hadwana Shikanji is one drink that I would highly recommend, it’s extremely refreshing and light and has a very natural  flavour. The ‘thick’ and ‘creamy'(two very apt words to describe Punjabi cuisine) Kesar Lassi made its appearance, and it was a grand one indeed. A creamy glass of goodness, topped with chopped nuts, one sip of this and you’ll be completely taken over by the purely indulgent flavors of kesar and badam. Given the creaminess of this drink, I would say you call for it towards the end of your meal.


They have an assortment of starters to choose from- tikkis, chaats and tandoori delights. Made using regular ingredients, but transformed to create something extravagant and exotic. The Tokri chaat was delicious, a lovely chaat encased in a delicate crisp tokri and the pomegranate adds a touch of sweetness and balances the dish. I also enjoyed the Popeye Paaji ki favorite Chaat, crisp lightly coated spinach topped with dahi, I’m sure Popeye would trade his regular spinach tin for this, anyday. One of my favorite vegetarian starters was the Barrel Paneer Tikka, soft, decadent paneer squares rolled into a flavorful tikka with a slightly sweet stuffing. Among the non-veg options, my recommendations would be Gabbar Prawns, lightly flavored king prawns and the Legacy Tandoori Champ deserves a special mention – succulent pieces of mutton ribs, bursting with flavors. The LOL (Leg of Lamb)  was lip smacking and delicious.period, you’ve to try it to believe it. The also have some indianized mini-burger options like the Samosa and Kachori Bun, to me ,t was rather dry and didn’t quite excite the taste buds.

For mains, given my satiated condition, I settled for a small roti, taking a modest dip of each of the curries that were equally decadent. I absolutely loved the Luxury BC (Butter Chicken) and Maa ki Dal. The Butter Chicken in all its magnificence was delicious, mildly flavored in a creamy broth. The dal was delicious too, full of flavors and again creamy as ever.

Finally, to appease our sweet tooth, we settled for the famous Nukkad Jalebi, a big Jalebi tower submerged in a slightly sweet rabri. Next stop we had the Ras Dates Malai,  a sweet dates stuffing sandwiched between soft Rasmalai, I was a little disappointed as the sweet syrup was rather diluted. The Gaushalla ki Kulfi was absolutely spot on, the rose syrup gave the dish an added twist. Perfect way to end our meal at Made in Punjab. And when they say Punjabis take their food very seriously, a visit to mip will teach you just that.

Service is phenomenal. Portions are good, considering it’s a fine dining restaurant.

Overall at mip, get ready to celebrate Punjabi food at it’s best and if you’re keep a tab of your calories, then 15349595 is still a small number 😉

Top Picks: Nashili Chai, Paneer Barrel Tikka, Legacy Tandoori Champs, Luxury BC, Nukkad Jalebi


Moolah : 1800 for two

Address: Level 2, UB City, Vittal Mallya Road, Lavelle Road, Bangalore

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