Woodstok – Indranagar

Some say old is gold, some exemplify it.


Woodstok, a resto-cafe, tucked away in one of the lanes in Indranagar boasts of a number of regular customers who have visited the restaurant ever since it started it’s operations sever years ago. I’ve always passed by this place on the way to my friends place, in fact, it was one of the many landmarks I was told to adhere to, given my oh so terrible sense of direction. On visiting this place last week with my dear friend Sandra, how I wished I’d discovered it earlier. Just as you spot this quaint place, a sign outside that says,”Rejoice. We now serve wine.” is sure to usher you right in. Rejoice I did indeed.

Located on the Domlur Service Road, there is a small park, or so they call it, opposite which you’ll find this two-storeyed establishment.This place screams retro, from the music, to the tattered vintage menu cards,all of it add a nice touch of the old world charm and also shows how nothing has changed since the time they started. The ambiance is nothing fancy, orange sofas, musical notes on the walls and a small outdoor seating area, that I absolutely loved.

We started off by ordering some of their signature red wine concoctions, the Red Wine Sangria and Orange Punch Sangria. The former was delicious, the flavors of the fruit had seeped in beautifully, the latter was a tad bit frothy, but loved the added citrus-y freshness. Their menu speaks of simple comfort food, we settled for some of the regular cafe-style grub. The Chacos Nachos and Potato Skin with Bacon(my favorite cheat day treat)was the first to arrive, beautifully plated, one oozing with cheese and the other aplenty with strips of bacon. Loved the Nachos, not your regular nachos, this had more of an Indo-twist to it, which I quite enjoyed.

So the starters don’t end there, we also devoured some of their Peri Peri Prawns, which I didn’t quite enjoy, I would have liked some more flavour. However, the next dish that arrived made up for it.


On special request, our gracious host for the day. Ms Anitha whipped up one dish that was the piece de resistance of the meal- a delightful Pandi Curry, being a Coorgi herself, this was as authentic as it can get. Loved the cacophony of flavors in my mouth, if you’re lucky enough and happen to meet Miss Anitha on your visit, your day is made if she offers you some of her signature Pandi curry.


The steak and sizzlers here speak for itself, tender juicy pieces of meat accompanied by  a lovely garlic flavored mash. Their menu is quite elaborate, so it might get a tee bit overwhelming, when you’re to choose your choice of steak and all of them look equally irresistible. So we left it to the chef to decide, well he sure knows our preferences. We were treated to the Bacon Wrapped Beef Steak which came with a generous helping of tossed veggies and a tempting creamy mash.


The next dish to make its way, sizzling away to glory was the Surf n’ Turf, a beautifully plated dish topped with some flavorful prawns. Both were perfectly cooked beef steaks, ah that joy of seeing that hue of pink,the flavors were simply spot in. In fact this is one of the best I’ve had in Bangalore, most of the places char it beyond recognition, but this one was just perfecto.

To appease our sweet tooth, looking at the desserts was a treat in itself. After much anticipation, we settled for the Grandma Vinnie’s Apple Pie (a highly recommended dessert), I absolutely loved how the pastry came together with the tender cinnamon flavored apples. We all have those secret deep dark fantasies that we sometime hide from our closest friends , I’m talking about chocolate here by the way. The Kitkat Chocolate Pastry was a block of cake molded with oodles of chocolate, but I didn’t quite taste any Kit kat.

Overall, Woodstok is a great place to enjoy a lovely meal with family and friends. Honestly, I would be enticed more by the food, than the ambiance and set-up, there are some places in Bangalore where the food speaks for itself and this is definitely one of them.This is the kind of place you stumble upon and there’s no turning back.

They also have a fully redeemable Work from Woodstok option.


  • This was a tasting by invite and I would like to thanks the management at Woodstok for having us over and treating us to a delightful meal. I would also like to thank my friend Sandra for helping me with this review and being my hand model for the day 😉

Website: http://woodstok.co.in/

Address:3777, Indiranagar Domlur Service Road
Near Namdhari Fresh
                  Bangalore, India

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