Hunan – Koramangala

At Hunan, it’s all about relishing authentic Chinese food with a twist! Their cuisine ranges from Sichuan to Hunan, Canton to Beijing leaving a Chinese food lover like me, gleaming with delight. A bunch of us foodies were invited to check out their new and improved menu. They have introduced over 70 new dishes which also includes a stunning Red Velvet Cake that is sure … Continue reading Hunan – Koramangala

The White Room – Church Street

Elegance at it’s best! Recently, The White Room on Church Street celebrated their first anniversary by introducing a new and improved menu. They are looking at offering a little more than the usual cafe-style grub by introducing new options like pastas and sliders to appease our ravenous appetites. This ‘all white cafe’ located in a quaint corner of The High Gates Hotel is the perfect … Continue reading The White Room – Church Street

Samaroh – Lavelle Road

At Samaroh, as the word connotes, it’s all about celebrating food, celebrating vegetarianism, celebrating India, celebrating life…. well I could go on you know. Located on Vittal Mallaya Road, this place shouldn’t be very difficult to find, however, it might take a while to find the entrance. Once you do, you’ll be greeted by bright hues of orange and pink which in all probability you … Continue reading Samaroh – Lavelle Road