Samaroh – Lavelle Road

At Samaroh, as the word connotes, it’s all about celebrating food, celebrating vegetarianism, celebrating India, celebrating life…. well I could go on you know.


Located on Vittal Mallaya Road, this place shouldn’t be very difficult to find, however, it might take a while to find the entrance. Once you do, you’ll be greeted by bright hues of orange and pink which in all probability you will relate to Paul Smith, but the only relation here is that both of them speak leaps and bounds of being traditional with a twist.

We always use the phrase, “Life is too short, eat dessert first.“, but do we really? At this restaurant they ensure that every meal starts on a sweet note, we were treated to a small portion of Gulab Boondi in a cute little brass container. At this very moment, in all probability you will start developing a strong liking for their cutlery, it’s one thing that sets them apart. When you hear about the added medicinal and Ayurvedic benefits of their specially customized Khansa sets, you might even start celebrating beautiful cutlery 😉


From here, there is not turning back, they don’t stop until you’ve satiated every minute taste-bud. We started off with a tangy Subzi Tamatar Shorba  with some Heera Namkeen, a very subtle flavored broth with the namkeen adding a nice crunch. Next stop, we were treat to a four-part platter of Pudina Paneer Tikka, Tandoori Amrud, Vegetable Samosa and Rajma Roll. What stood out for me was the paneer, it was absolutely delicious, melt in your mouth paneer flavored to perfection. Also loved the Tandoori Amrud, who would have thought of a guava starter, this one came as a surprise.


One of the most popular Indian snacks, the humble Pani Puri was the next to arrive, which I didn’t quite enjoy. Rather, I recommend you appease your cravings for Pani puri when you hit the streets the next time around. The next Chaat – the Milijuli Chaat was delicious, I absolutely loved this chaat, topped with oodles of slightly sweetened yogurt. To wash down the seven course meal, the Masala Chaas and Neembu Adraki Thanda deserve a special mention.


Next came the Mukhya Bhog or Main Course, our curry bowls were filled and refilled in a jiggy, soft rotis topped with butter and ghee made its way and adorned every vacant space on our plates. We devoured every morsel, for once a thought that passed my mind was, oh wow, vegetarian food isn’t so bad after all. I absolutely loved the Paneer do mirch and Chatpati Bhindi Makai.If you’re a hardcore rice eater, like most of us South Indians, you could settled for their plain or masala rice, but curd rice is something you just shouldn’t miss, I loved how they topped it with pomegranates, a lot of places forget this key ingredient.


Now to end our indulgent meal, why not go the sweet route again. A brightly colored platter of traditional favorites with a twist made it’s way to our table. The Mango Cham Cham was delicious, soft chum chum’s topped with a sweet mango compote.I loved the creamy Srikhand, the Angoori added a nice twist. The Jalebis were just about alright, and the Lauki Halwa I decided to avoid.


Overall Samaroh is a great place to indulge in a hearty vegetarian meal, the restaurant was rated the Best Vegetarian Restaurant at the Times Food and Nightlife Awards 2016.

Location: 7/1, Vittal Mallya Road, Lavelle Road, Bangalore

Moolah: 500+Tax(Mon-Fri) and 560+Tax(Sat-Sun)


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