Hunan – Koramangala

At Hunan, it’s all about relishing authentic Chinese food with a twist!


Their cuisine ranges from Sichuan to Hunan, Canton to Beijing leaving a Chinese food lover like me, gleaming with delight. A bunch of us foodies were invited to check out their new and improved menu. They have introduced over 70 new dishes which also includes a stunning Red Velvet Cake that is sure to take you by surprise.Located in the midst of the bustling food paradise in Koramangala. This hidden gem is located on the first floor, above California Burrito on the JNC Road . The ambiance boasts of elegantly done up interiors and music that stays true to its food offerings.


All you fitness freaks out there, Hunan is a great place to indulge in some delicious Cantonese style cuisine without the added MSG and truckloads of artificial preservatives. They are looking at whipping up their own sauces using fresh ingredients rather than settling for the store bought version,making their food as authentic as ever.


We started off on a gastronomical journey around the Asian province with a refreshing Cucumber Cooler after which arrived the Sweet and Sour Tofu Soup with Crab meat that called for a cacophony of fresh flavors tingling my taste buds and the heady aroma of the soup is sure to prepare you for the meal ahead. Next stop, we got ready for a quick health fix when the Thai Seafood and Vermicelli Salad made it’s way to out table, being the pesca-obsessed person that I am, this dish was a true delight, tossed in generous amounts of a lovely sweet chilli dressing that added to the flavor. The Asian Flavour Chicken Salad was great too, again a lovely dose of fresh veggies and sliced chicken topped with some crunchy peanuts.


I am a huge fan of Edamame and the Truffle Scented Edamame Dumplings was one of my favorites, some might find it a tad bit bland though. Coming to the Chicken Fatty Bao,  Fatty Bao, hmm, didn’t look too fatty 😛 Nevertheless, I loved the filling of tender slices of pan seared chicken. The Salt and Pepper Silken Tofu and Asian Style Stuffed Tofu With Chicken was delicious and a true winner among the tofu lovers, both the dishes were very subtly flavored and the latter has a nice dollop of flavorful chicken on top.


Enveloped around a sugarcane stick came the Sugarcane-Skewered Chicken which was delightful, with a delicious tangy sauce.


Coming to the Mains, we were treated to some delicious Guangdong Chicken which comprised a good mix of Asian flavors, a melange of peanuts, cashews and watercourses with some mushrooms, it was lovely and tasted great with a small portion of Jasmine Rice. I didn’t quite enjoy the Raw Mango Fish, the sourness of the raw mangoes in a sweet mix with fish just didn’t do it for me.

Coming to my favorite part – Desserts. I was humbly surprised that the desserts, although they were delicious, didn’t really live up to their authenticity tag. I was quite disappointed that none of the beautiful Asian flavors made it’s way to their dessert menu. We satiated our sweet tooth by indulging in the most delicious Red Velvet Cake I’ve had in a longest time and a lighter Meringue Nest with Lemon Curd, the lemon curd was spot on and this bite-sized treat made for a great end to out delicious meal at Hunan.


Overall, it’s a wonderful place to discover Chinese food with friends and family. I would say this is one place that’s trying to make their food as authentic as possible, rather that going the Indo route.


Moolah: 1300 for two

Address : 123, 1st Floor, KHB Colony, Opposite California Pizza Kitchen, Koramangala 5th Block, Bangalore

Facebook Page:

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