48 East

After all the hue and cry, winter is finally here 🙂


Tucked in a cosy blanket (especially after Cyclone Vardah made a touchdown on our Chennai familia ) in the coziest part of the room, the days have come when we aren’t particularly inclined towards cooking anything apart from the occasional soup or hot chocolate.

So what if I told you that you could still gorge on some delectable Asian food, right in the comfort of your home. Sounds great, doesn’t it? This is where 48 East comes in. By Asian, I don’t mean just Sushi or Chinese Manchurian, there is a whole lot more waiting to be discovered.


What most of us don’t realize is that Indian food also falls under Asian cuisine and how can we forget our middle eastern cousins. At 48 East, it’s all about exploring these different unexplored areas in Asia and taking you on a gastronomical journey around the continent and a mighty good one indeed.


From dimsums, baos, the humble laksa to innovative Asian desserts,they have it all. At 48 East, they boast of a versatile menu that’s divided between mains, sides and dessert. They also have their favorites displayed under the 48 East Signatures menu, but what took me by surprise is the All Day Menu. There are times when you’re suddenly hit by the hunger bug and don’t really have the time to dine out, it is at this very point that you should think of their Asian Lites.

To start off, I was treated to some of their signature salads – Bulgogi Chicken Salad and Thai guava & raw mango Salad, both of which were absolutely spot on, in terms of flavour. I particularly liked the former for it’s citrus-y fresh aftertaste and it also came topped with my all time favorite superfood-quinoa. The best part is that the salads are not particularly soggy and it also comes with a small portion of add-on dressing that you can drizzle onto your salads based on your preferences.


Next, make way for the dimsums. Packed beautifully in a bento-style box with three different types of sauces each, came the Spinach Burnt Garlic and Cheese Dimsums, which was absolutely delicious. The Cheese Dimsum was something completely new and innovative and added a nice twist to their whole menu. If you are a cheese aficionado, then do yourself a favor and get hold of this when it appears the next time round.


A beautiful marinated chicken in the form of Yakitori Skewers was the next to arrive, a bite into this tender piece of chicken and you’ll be treated to a cacophony of flavors, from ginger , wasabi, garlic and a slightly sweet Tare sauce, this one is a hot favorite and one that I would personally recommend. Amongst the vegetarian options, the Corn on Cane is a great option and yes, it really comes on a sugarcane stick that adds a tinge of natural flavour, this one comes with a hot garlic sauce. Another thing worth mentioning is that each of their dishes come with a different sauce, hence giving it a whole new flavour.


For Mains, I tried the Bhutanese Emma Datshi Mushroom that were simply divine and the shitaki mushrooms were as fresh as ever, it was accompanied with some subtly flavored bean rice. The Hunan Seafood noodle box deserves a special mention, loved the smell of seafood enveloped is some delicious wheat noodles.


Wrapped in a aromatic lotus leaf, the Pok-Choy Mushroom with Moon Faan made it’s appearance and oh this one was a true delight, the cashews added a lovely crunch to the whole dish.


On special request, the chef also whipped up a delicious version of the Burmese Khaosuey, it had a great mix of flavour, however, I missed that slight sweetness of the coconut milk.


Now coming to the Desserts. I’ve seen very few places in Bangalore that have good Asian desserts. At 48 East, they have looked at combining Asian ingredients to create some truely mind-blowing desserts. The Longan, jack-fruit and water-chestnut pudding, this is probably the best Asian dessert I’ve had so far, the lovely mix of textures and the natural sweetness of the fruits, this is a must-try (if you don’t mind the jackfruit flavour).


I also tried the Banana five nut roll, which was nice and crunchy and it came tossed in an assortment of nuts.


Overall, if you’re a fan of Asian food, then this is definitely the place for you. Their packaging is smart and chic and they ensure that you have a seamless delivery. So the next time you’re thinking of ordering out, head to their website to check out what’s in store (every Friday changing menu)

At present they only deliver around Indranagar and they have also recently set-up a kitchen in Marathahalli.

Wesite :https://fortyeighteast.com/

Moolah: 100-200 per dish, their prices are very competitive

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