Kulfreeze – Airlines Hotel

As we say goodbye to the sultry Bangalore  days for a long long time. Why not indulge in some of the forgotten summer favorites. I know I know, it’s not the best time for anything that’s associated with the term ‘ice’, given our sudden exposure to nippy mornings and cuddle worthy nights (not that I’m complaining :))


A few days ago, I happened to visit Airlines Hotel on Lavelle Road which was one of our favorite hangout spots during my school days. A lot has changed since the last time I visited Airlines, for one, the dosas have become a whole lot yummier and completely worth those extra calories. Another thing that has changed is that a new and interesting place has joined the bandwagon.


Just as you enter, you’ll spot a small stall of sorts called Kulfreeze. Well you know what they say about appearances being deceptive. This place has a whole lot to offer in terms of flavour- from imli, jamun, khala khatta, sitaphal, they have it all.


I absolutely loved the selection on display. After much contemplation, we decided to start off with the Kiwi. This is one flavour that’s not very common and I absolutely loved it. Given the freshness of the fruit, it almost tasted like the freshest Kiwi had been frozen and a bite into this and you’re treated to a burst of Kiwi in your mouth. We also tried some of their other hot favorites, the Jamun Bomb was delightful, again packed with freshness.


The Imli Bomb was quite a bomb indeed. A strong flavour of tamarind takes over your entire mouth, ahh I’m craving for one of these as I write this. Next we tried the Kulfi variants which include Sitaphal, Tender Coconut and Chikoo, some of the preferred natural ice cream choices.For me personally, I found the Sitaphal to be a tad bit grainy and it lacked the creaminess of Kulfi that one would look for.


Overall, Kulfreeze is a great place to enjoy a small cup of ice cream on the go. Loved the interesting flavors and twists. I spoke with the owner, Akhil and he mentioned that no preservatives are used in the making which makes the kulfis here extra delightful 🙂 They also have a Sugar Free Option if you’re looking at giving the added sugar a miss

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/kulfreeze/?fref=ts

Moolah : Rs 60 – 70 per cup

Kulfreeze Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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