Kopper Kadai – Koramangala

Celebrate Indian food at its best by indulging in some of the most mouthwatering offerings at Kopper Kadai. I was invited for a special tasting of their new menu by my friend Dushyant(buttertheory) and it was a lovely evening, full of food, more food and tales that revolve around, yes food 🙂 Located on JNC Road, right opposite Stoner. The ambiance speaks of elegance and … Continue reading Kopper Kadai – Koramangala

Broadway – Gourmet Theatre, HSR

A perfect mix of creativity and drama awaits you! Given this day and age, most of us are greeted by enough drama in life that we’re never really on the lookout for more drama, well most of us.It’s just all over the place, from the newspapers, social media to everyday life.Perhaps, one area where we wouldn’t mind that dramatic element is with food. So when … Continue reading Broadway – Gourmet Theatre, HSR