Broadway – Gourmet Theatre, HSR

A perfect mix of creativity and drama awaits you!


Given this day and age, most of us are greeted by enough drama in life that we’re never really on the lookout for more drama, well most of us.It’s just all over the place, from the newspapers, social media to everyday life.Perhaps, one area where we wouldn’t mind that dramatic element is with food.


So when I was invited to the newly launched gastopub,Broadway – The Gourmet Theatre for a tasting session, I was curious to see how the dramatic element has been incorporate in their food and presentation. The term Broadway is sure to strike a bell, given the ever popular theatrical performances in Broadway, Manhattan,really some big shoes to fill, don’t you think?


So let me introduce you to our own little Broadway in Bangalore. Located on the 3rd floor, on 27th Main, HSR Layout, just before the Agara Flyover. The ambiance speaks of elegance and just as you enter you’ll be greeted by the open teppanyaki counter.


They have an al fresco area which we decided to opt for and then moved indoors a little later to witness the skilled maneuvers of the chef. I was accompanied by my friend Gurpreet, who is vegetarian, so here I’ll be able to give you a glimpse of their fantastic veg offerings as well.


We were greeted by Chef Tanvi, the head chef at Broadway and she introduced us to some of their popular delicacies. One look the menu and the sushi goddess in me did a little happy dance. Given that there are very few places in Bangalore that serve good sushi, I just couldn’t wait to try this soy dunked flavorful piece of goodness. We settled for their so called veg sushi options , which were surprisingly fresh and delicious. However, sushi is sushi and it’s all in the freshness of the fish.


We started off with their famous Gochujan Cottage Cheese, I absolutely loved the textures of this dish, a lovely crunchy exterior and a soft slice of cottage cheese balancing it out perfectly.It came with a lovely mango and sesame dip.


Next stop, we tried the Texas Cornitos which were delicious too, again the flavors were not too strong or overpowering. Another starter that we tried was the Japanese dumpling, Gyoza, perfectly cooked minced chicken covered in a delicate layer of flour.


Coming to my favorite part, the Sushi. The first to make it’s appearance was the Kinoki Philedelpia Maki which was absolutely fresh and delicious, I know it’s veg, but I’ll have to give it to this one.


Another one of their popular Veg Maki’s is the Asuparagasu Tempura Maki, which was quite a hit, the asparagus gave it a lovely crunch on the inside. To be fair to sushi, I tried the Dragon Roll which was absolutely delcioso, fresh fish and it came with a small portion of Korean omelette, Gyeranmeri.


For Mains, ensure you grab a seat inside to watch the chef at work. We had the Yaki Soba(Veg) which was absolutely spot on in terms of flavors with oodles of fresh stir fried veggies.


The manager recommended the Gomoku Chahan, which was a mix of different meats and egg, it was a tad bit too heavy for me, but again if you’re a meat lover, then you should give it a try. The next to arrive was one spectacular dish, you’re in for a dramatic experience with this one – The Tequila Dynamite, a re fried bean barrel with veggies, drizzled with a tequila flambe right at your table. I found the barrel to be lacking in flavor, but the combination of fresh veggies and that tinge of bitterness from the vodka added a nice touch to the whole dish.


Coming to my favorite part of the meal- dessert of course. We decided to end our meal in true Broadway style by indulging in one of the hot favorite – the Metling Globe, which was beyond imagination. The presentation and taste was simply magical, it’s really wonderful how they’ve transformed a regular brownie and ice cream into something phenomenal. This is one dish that I would definitely recommend, and to top it off, it tasted even better than in looked.


Overall, a wonderful place to experiment with the concept of giving food a dramatic and theatrical touch. The ambiance is perfect for a date or a family gathering, kids will also enjoy the antics at the teppanyaki counter. The staff here are extremely friendly and they’ll be able to guide you through the menu. One small area that they could improve on would be the plating. I’m not really a huge fan of the red plates that they used.


Every bite here will take you to a whole new world!

Broadway - The Gourmet Theatre Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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