Kopper Kadai – Koramangala

Celebrate Indian food at its best by indulging in some of the most mouthwatering offerings at Kopper Kadai. I was invited for a special tasting of their new menu by my friend Dushyant(buttertheory) and it was a lovely evening, full of food, more food and tales that revolve around, yes food 🙂


Located on JNC Road, right opposite Stoner. The ambiance speaks of elegance and the decor has a lovely Indian touch to it. From being greeted by a huge kadai at the entrance, you’ll find hues of brass and gold all over the place. The place was rather dimly lit, a perfect setting for a lovely romantic dinner but sadly every photographer’s nigthmare.


So to start off, Akshay Nayyar, the celebrity chef at KK took us through their new menu offerings and the story behind a few of their dishes.


We were introduced to some of their signature concoctions from the Peene Se menu, well I’m sure this might give most hardcore Punjabi’s the wrong idea as they don’t serve alcohol. Some of my favorites were the Chatmola Fatafat, a lovely cola digestive drink and the Kashmiri Kiss also had the right amount of saffron staying true to its name.

Another hot favorite was the Chiller Chai, what is it about this chilled chai beverages that have made a mark in Bangalore? Every other new restaurant that comes up has it on their menu, being the chai lover that I am, I’m loving this new chai infused revolution.


Starting on a light note, we indulged in some Mast Limca Bhel which was a tad bit too sour for me, but it did make a mark. Next for a delicious crunch, we tried the Nadru ki Chaat– perfectly flavored crisp lotus stems.

Another one of my favorites was the Andey ka funda, which looked rather impressive too. Made up of a lovely hard boiled egg filed with spinach and oozing with cheese, rather high on the health quotient. At KK, I’d have to say that the chefs are rather gifted in transforming the humble soya into something delightful, their Pesto Soya Champey is a treat for vegetarians. The Taka Tak Paneer Tikka could use more flavour, but the paneer was nice and tender.

To appease our carnivorous taste buds, we tried the Murgh Korma Kebab and Beyti Sheekh, both of which were mild in terms of flavour, yet the meat was perfectly cooked.


The Haryali Macchi tikka was great too, I absolutely loved the flavors. Another dish that I really liked was the chicken cooked in malai, I forget the name, but it sure was delicious. An interesting combination awaited us in the form of Gobi Chicken, an epic combination that really worked for them.

For Mains, I tried to stick to the bare minimums, we tried the Laal Maas which was absolutely delightful with a potion of their special Kopper Kadai Biyani, that has just the right amount of caramelized onions.Another hot favorite was the Chowdhary Chooza, both for its name and presentation, but above all else, it tasted great too.

Coming to desserts, we indulged in some of their Nutella Dudhi halwa, a lovely twist to your regular halwa, I found it to be too heavy, after an already heavy meal. I also tried their Rasmalai, which was absolutely divine, the perfect end to my meal at KK.


Overall, it’s a great place to dig into a lavish North Indian meal, I recommend you stop counting calories and enjoy the rich and decadent food on offer to the fullest.


Page: https://www.zomato.com/bangalore/kopper-kadai-koramangala-5th-block

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