Enerjuvate Studio & Cafe – Jayanagar

Yoga-Pilates-Dance-Healthy Food-(Veg)Healthy Food-Meditation-Vegan-Gluten-Free….

Ever heard of a cafe with all this in one, or let me put it this way, ever thought that such a cafe would serve some kick ass food? This place defies all boundaries and makes you want to give that New Year resolution another shot.


Well, you’ll definitely leave with one thought, that could ultimately change your life – Healthy food can actually be incredibly tasty. I went to this place expecting something completely different, to be honest, I even told my mom to set aside a little lunch for me, in case I don’t end up eating much.


I was invited by Sunayna and Darshana, the brains behind Enerjuvate, for a quick yoga session followed by lunch at their newly launched cafe and studio in Jayanagar.


Located in Jayanagar, given my horrible sense of direction and Jayanagar being the confusing maze that it is, I would say just go with your gut and open Google Maps 😉 Unless you’re one of those who’s familiar with the area, just look out for this serene space with a blissful buddha at the entrance, it’s neat the RV College of Nursing.


The place is beautifully done up, amidst the hustle-bustle of Jayanagar, it just takes you to a whole new world. Positive energy flowing throughout the place in the form of the use of colors, plants and yes food that looks absolutely divine.


Our host for the day, the ever bubbly Monika took us through the menu. We started off by gulping down some of their delicious smoothies post our rejuvenating yoga session. I particularly liked the Orange and Chilli Juice, just the perfect amount of zest coupled with a fiery aftertaste.

The best drink for those who like to spice things up. The other smoothies were great too, freshness in every sip.

Next stop, we were greeted by a beautifully laid out salad platter with some of their signature offerings. My eyes went straight to the Watermelon Delight and delightful it was indeed, a simply watermelon salad tossed in a creamy vegan sauce, topped with lots of pumpkin seeds for that added crunch.


One quick look at the menu and I decided to attack the Thai Guava Salad next, beautiful Thai flavors of sweet and spice coming together with fresh pink guavas. Another one that deserves a special mention is the Avacado, Corn & Black Rice Salad which came minus the avocados unfortunately. Nonetheless, it was still delicious, imagine the wonders that creamy avocado would have done to it.

Given the dull and depressing weather that day (yes,it was one of those), but post the yoga session, it just changed dramatically, and after seeing two bowls of warm soup in front of me. Ahhhhh just give me a blanket already.


I fell in love with the Tomato Rasam and Cold Red Rice Salad, a lovely flavorful version of the regular tamatar soup with a slight crunchy, subtly dressed salad to accompany it. Another wholesome delicacy was the Carrot Ginger Soup with Millets and house salad, which again was slurp worthy.


Now for some of the Hearty Eats. Say hello to the most beautiful wrap, purple from the beetroot, I am just incredibly happy they are making good use of the beets, I still stand by my view that it is definitely the most under appreciated vegetable in history. Rest apart the Scrambled Tofu Wrap was delicious, I wish I could wrap myself in it and eat off it everyday. Talk about crazy food fantasies.


Anyway we also tried the Ragi Vegetable Pancakes that I didn’t quite enjoy, I found it to be a tad bit too dense. The Pumpkin and Potato Roesti was great though, great flavors and I loved the slight sweetness that the pumpkin imparts to the whole dish.

Time for some Pizza! Yes you heard me right, pizzas can be healthy too. I devoured some of the most delicious thin crust pizzas, trust me, a bite into this and you’ll say goodbye to Dominos for life. Okay I’m exaggerating a little, but they were yum yum yummm.


We started off with the most mouth-watering House Pesto Pizza with grilled babycorn, broccoli and garlic topped with lots and lots of cheesy goodness(special vegan version can be made on request). My second slice of pizza was even better, made using a ragi base and topped with oranges, rocket leaves and fresh feta, a lovely mix of flavors.


Now coming to the most awaited part of our meal, Dessert. I’ve learnt to never trust anyone who uses healthy with dessert in the same sentence, given my horrible experiences with no sugar and/or artificially sweetened desserts. But this time I was wrong and pleasantly surprised too, I fell in love with their Strawberry, Banana and Basil Nice Cream, it tasted a lot like a frozen smoothie, but was simply out of this world.


Our visit happened to be on the much celebrated Republic Day, so we were also treated to a lovely Tri-colour, orange, kiwi and vanilla chia seed cake which was great, but it was a little too sweet for me. We ended our meal with nice warm sip of their signature infusions, just the thing to keep you charged for the day ahead.


Overall, I loved this place so much that I can’t wait to go back. It’s the perfect place to relax with family or friends and enjoy some of delicious healthy delights, and you’ll go back happy and pondering over how vegetarian life is not so bad after all.So go check it out and get Enerjuvate-d.


P.S: They also have some interesting classes on offer(Yoga, Aerobics, Kallari). The Aero Yoga class looked quite promising, can’t wait to check it out!


Address:547, 32nd Cross, 9th Main,Jayanagar 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/enerjuvatestudio/

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