Demystifying nouvelle cuisine with Chef Shazia Khan – The Oberoi

Cooking is nothing but love made visible.


Last week I was invited by TTK Prestige to experience a food tasting session by renowned Chef Shazia Khan who also happens to be the runner up of the popular reality show, Masterchef India. It was a wonderfully organized session where we were introduced to different recipes that can be recreated at ease using some convenient modern cookware by Prestige.

It was a delight to see Chef Shazia whip up a fusion platter in a jiffy, from Dukkah crusted panner, Puchka grape juice and Grilled figs with vanilla mousse, she created it all using some of the innovative tools like the Prestige Air-Fryer, Cooker and the super-easy to use Vegetable Cutter.


Chef Shazia is the author of the cookbook, “What’s on the Menu” and it was exciting to watch her take charge of the kitchen and cook multiple dishes, simultaneously on different stove tops.


All thanks to the innovation and safety brought in by Prestige Cooktops and tools. Some of the innovative gadgets on display were the Slow Cooker (that keeps a count of the number of whistles gone by), a easy to use Vegetable Cutter that allows you to cut, mash and mix using two different bowls and how can I miss the Air-Fryer that helped create that beautiful crumbly layer on the vanilla mousse.






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