New menu launch #FarziTwist – Farzi Cafe, UB City

At Farzi Cafe, it’s all about taking you on a gastronomical journey to different parts of India with a modern twist. When the “prince of Indian cuisine” and renowned Masterchef India judge – Zorawar Kalra decides to get you #Farzified with a #newtwist, it’s definitely one of the most awaited events in Bangalore.Known all over the world for its masterful use of molecular gastronomy, this modern Indian bistro never fails to surpass expectations.



Having missed the launch and my first chance of getting #Farzified due to travel commitments, I was more that delighted to check out their new menu which focuses more on creating an illusion.



It’s phenomenal to see how a humble dish like our very own Bisibele Bath can be transformed to create something out of this world, with flavors and aromas borrowed from different parts of the globe, we’re talking sundried cherry tomatoes and artichokes with a dollop of butter resting gracefully on top.


I was accompanied by my sister who happened to have landed from Dubai just the day before. Given how popular the Farzi Cafe at Al Safa is in Dubai. Sheikh Mohammad has already visited the place thrice and also named it one of his favorites in Dubai, she just couldn’t wait to discover this world of molecular magic.


Given the scorching Bangalore summer, some of their signature cocktails and mocktails were recommended to quench our thirst. Each cocktails has a theatrical element to it, whether it was the Farzi Apple Foamintini(vodka based cocktail) or the Bubbling LIIT(a highly potent LIIT). My favorite was the Farzi OK ( a refreshing mocktail made of orange and kaffir lime with hints of vanilla).




The Mango Chuski is a great mocktail with a perfect balance of Indian flavors. However, I couldn’t help but go back to my all time favorite- their Chai Pani.




We started off with a delightful Amuse Bouche of mishti doi with a mango compute served on a bed of dry ice. The burst of flavourS rendering the start of our modern Indian food adventure.


Next, we watched in delight as the beautifully plated Dhokla and Farsaan Salad made its way to our table, it looked too good to eat, a bite into it and it was too good to stop eating. I absolutely loved the mix of Indian flavors and variety of textures it brought to the table, crispy fafdas, thin crunchy snack leaves and some khatta-meeta chutney to go with it.


At Farzi its all about extreme makeovers, the next dish – Dal Moth Chaat was a true stunner, it came in a simple matka, topped with a generous helping of pomegranate, namkeen and fresh coriander. Dig in and you’ll be treated to an amalgamation of flavors, from the soft juicy bhalla and the tanginess of the sweet chutney coming right through.


The next dish was one of my favorites, the Sion Prawn Koliwada, named after a fishing village in Mumbai, simple batter fried fresh prawns with a delicious coating which  came with a tartar sauce, the flavors were spot on. Some of the other specials were the Mac n Cheese Pakora Bites, Kothimbir Vada Papaya Salaad and the Guntur Chilli Chicken which was a hot favorite.


Another prawn dish that made its mark was the Tempura Fried Prawn that came with a light lemon and basil foam, fresh and flavored to perfection.



Now to celebrate our successful tasting of the starters and to prepare our happy taste buds for the arduous journey ahead, we were treated to a delicious mid meal khalla khatta lollipop, yes, you heard me right. Like everything else on the menu, these tiny sticks of frozen yogurt flavored with the popular Indian flavor – Kala Khatta brought with it bouts of nostalgia.

For Mains, some of the stars on the table were the flavorful biryanis – Goan Chorizo and Bacon Biryani and Shawarma Biryani which was nothing short of delicious. However, there were only about two strips of bacon, this can leave a bacon lover looking for other means to appease his addiction.



Another favorite was Bisi Bele Bath risotto with charred artichokes and cherry tomatoes, which was absolutely delicious with the sundried cherry tomatoes giving it a nice flavour.


My sister, being true to her Malayalee roots, couldn’t help but order a portion of one of the old favorites at Farzi, the Andra Chilli Beef with Appam, it came looking like a floral construction of the Kerala favorite, a huge soft appam with a hot and spicy chilli beef fry  inside and some touchings on the side.  It was absolutely delicious, infact one of the few places that have got the appam right.


Coming to appeasing our sweeth tooth, we started off with the hot favorite, a bit into their signature Bailey’s Lollipop, with a few drops of the Irish miracle concoction, this one was a true delight.


As part of their new menu, they’ve also introduced a Farzi Sundae which I tried at the launch, but given my loyalty to indian treats, I would prefer the Smoked Fresh Chenna, Flavoured Srikhand and Almond Chikki and one of the most glorious dishes for me was the Rasmalai Tres Leches, it came with a soft rasmalai on a bed of gajar ka halwa (carrot halwa) and a delicious mix of three different kinds of milk. The perfect end to our grand meal at one of Bangalore’s award winning cafes.


Overall an amazing place to experience Indian food in a whole new avatar. The modernist chefs at Farzi have taken an effort to transform traditional cuisine and experiment with different flavors in the form of powder, foam and even lollipops. Is that not reason enough for you to make your reservations at Farzi Cafe, well you better be quick because the Farzi Cafe in Dubai has a two week waiting period and if you’re lucky you might even bump into the sheikh himself. Well let me not get your hopes high, just head to UB City and get super duper #Farzified like I did. The pricing is a little on the higher side and the portions are just about enough for two people, but trust me, it’s completely worth it.

Few pictures from the New Menu Launch Party




Address: UB City, Level 2, UB City, 24, Vittal Mallya Road, Sampangi Rama Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

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