Misu – St. Marks Road, Bangalore

Pan Asian has become the hot new favorite cuisine in Bangalore. From intriguing flavors to a host of ingredients and the benefit of it being light and healthy on the stomach. I’ve been a huge fan of Pan-Asian cuisine, most of you know how I’m such a big sushi addict.

So let me take the privilege of introducing you to Misu, the newest Pan Asian restaurant in Bangalore because I’m sure that in a few weeks time, it’ll become a place that requires no introduction at all.


Located on St. Marks, it shares the same space as The Open Box, so the next time you visit The Open Box, you’ll notice that the place has shrunk a bit, buy say hello to the brand new entrant – Misu. The ambiance is rather pleasant with a very cosy and relaxing feel to it, from high chairs, very brightly lit and a Chinese lady on the wall who you can’t help but say hello to.

Image 2

A huge glass of Orange and Earl Grey Ice Tea was the first to make its way to our table and it was just what we were looking for in this sweltering Bangalore heat. A refreshingly light drink infused with early grey tea and lots of citrusy goodness, this one was vodka based, but they also have a host of other interesting ice teas and cocktails to choose from. Warm up we did with a bowl of Tom Yum Soup, one sip into this delectable soup and you’ll experience a cacophony of fresh flavors tingling your taste-buds.

Another dish that I highly recommend is the Spicy Pomelo Salad, pomelo is one ingredient that is incredibly healthy, but the most underrated fruit in India, we get so many pomelo fruits in Kerala, but it’s just thrown away, because people don’t really know what to do with it. This is the first time I’m eating Pomelo in a restaurant and I must say, this salad was absolutely divine, a wonderful mix of pomelo, spicy chilly and cashews await you.


For starters we tried the Prawn Kung Pao which was absolutely spot on in terms of flavour. A delicately wrapped Indonesian style grilled fish, Ikan Pepe was the next to make it’s apperance and it was truly divine.



We also tried some delicate parcels of Rainbow Dumplings and Moonshine Dumplings, both of which were light and mildly flavored.


Everybody was going  gaga over the next dish of steamed Red Snapper with a medley of fresh toppings I absolutely loved it and the fish was super fresh making it super duper delicious. Now coming to my favorite part, we tried some of their Spicy Tofu Avocado Maki which was great as a vegetarian sushi option, but I would have still preferred the real thing.


Coming to the Mains, we indulged in some of their specials. I personally enjoyed the Stir Fried Vegetables and Wok Fried Udon Noodles. The latter was delicious, noodles coated with some peppercorns giving it a beautiful divine texture.The Nasi Goreng was also quite a hit among my meat eating buddies.


We ended our tasting on a sweet note by biting into some of their specials- their Singapore Style Ice Cream Sandwich a sensational soft sponge cake has replaced the regular soft bread, enveloping a delicious layer of lemongrass flavoured ice cream.


The flavors of the lemongrass came right through. Another interesting combination that we tried was the Chocolate truffles with bird’s eye chilli, for me chocolate and chilli is truly a match made in heaven. I just fell in love with these gooey, melt in the mouth balls which came with a surprisingly crunchy exterior.


Overall the place is beautifully done up and the food here is authentic and simply phenomenal. It’s the perfect place to hang out with friends or family and enjoy a delightful meal, from street food favorites, to gourmet delights, they have it all.

Thanks you Mr. Amit Ahuja and Suresh Hinduja for having me over.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/misupanasian/

Address: 4th Floor, Building 9, Halcyon Complex, St. Marks Road, Bangalore

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