New Hawker’s Menu@Mamagoto, Indranagar

Are you bored of the same old food everyday! Head to Mamagoto for some delicious Pan Asian delights from their newly launched Hawker’s menu. Bringing to you the best from the bustling streets of Thailand, China, Korea and some interesting fusion dishes as well.At Mamagoto it’s all about “playing with food” and bringing in a quirky element and a modern twist to everything from food, ambiance and decor.

One thing that strikes you when you enter is quirky design that presents itself and you can’t help but notice some of the detailed designs on the wall.


Their new menu is on till the 31st of July after which you can still treat yourself to some of their delicacies from their regular extensive menu. So first off, we got down to ordering some drinks, I settled for their Cranberry and Kaffir Lime Punch which was refreshingly good.


The first dish to make its appearance on our table was the Thai Puchka Bites, which was a rather intriguing dish for all of us, the sukha puchkas on a bed of ground peanuts and it came with stuffed with a betel leaf and an exotic sweet ginger sauce.


Some of my other favorites starters from the Hawker’s menu were the Surfer’s lunch(both shrimp and soft shell crab) and the Aubergine and Okra Medley, the former was absolutely spot on in terms of flavour, perfectly coated shrimp tempura topped with rich coconut cream, roasted peanuts and tamarind which made the whole dish absolutely irresistible.


Coming to mains, we were treated to some delicious Korean Veg Bibimbap, a beautifully plated dish with lots of veggies, mushrooms and sesame flavored Korean rice. This is one dish that I would recommend and it works as a complete meal in itself. Next stop, we tried the flavorful Mekong Boat Curry with rice noodle nests, the whole dish was beaming with all the right flavors and I loved how the rice noodle nests made for a convenient bite, just pick a nest and dip it in the sumptuous curry and pop it right into your month.


Another dish that made a mark for me was the Hula Hoop Curry, a delectable combination of jack fruit and pineapple curry, the jack fruit wasn’t too ripe, giving the curry a lovely sweetness, and the flavors of coconut and jackfruit came right through ( well when two of your favorite ingredients come together in the form of a heavenly curry, you’ve just got to love it). The BBQ pork ribs and Rice Pancake with Chicken seemed to be a super-hit among my non-vegetarian friends, so ensure you give it a try as well.


The Garlicky Noodles were great too, I would have liked a little more flavour, but it went really well with the Mekong Curry.


We also indulged in some of the sensational desserts from the regular menu. A beautiful mix of textures and terrific flavors awaited us in the form of the unique sweet treats. I loved the Sticky Rice with Mango which was a tropical fantasy, not too sweet, but a healthy combination of sticky rice in a coconut base topped with fresh mangoes.


Another exquisite dessert that we tried was the Homemade American Style Chunky Caramel Sponge Cake with Toffee Sauce served with Vanilla Ice cream, I know just listening to the name of the dish might make you droll and I assure you, this dessert is absolutely droll-worthy and I can’t wait to go back and dig into this blissful treat.If you’re looking for a no-fuss dessert, you might also want to try their Homemade Coconut Ice cream, with a deep coconut flavour, it was yum and extremely light too.


Overall, I absolutely enjoyed the new menu with the best of Asia and my favorite part about the Hawker’s menu is that it is very concise, so you don’t have to go through the whole menu, just order from this menu and you’ll be treated to a delicious cacophony of Oriental flavors.

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