Comfort Food at its Best@ Cafe Felix, Bangalore

Food for the body is not enough, there must be food for the soul“. At Cafe Felix, they dish out some delicious soul food and they have a extensive menu of meal bowls, smoothies, burgers, pizzas and desserts to choose from.IMG_5823Located at the heart of the city, on the 5th floor of 1 MG Mall(replacing Blimey’s), this all-day cafe and deli has been the talk of the town of late.IMG_5929.JPGA few weeks ago, I was invited to check out the grub and healthy concoctions on offer. Rishad Nathani, managing director at Breadbox Hospitality took us around the two-level all day restaurant and terrace bar, with the most mesmerizing view of the Ulsoor Lake.IMG_5825I had already seen and heard so much about their Avocado Smoothie, Toast and Baked Cheesecake that I just couldn’t wait to try them, and my expectations were pretty high. Well, there are very few places that make use of avocado, and it’s one fruit that I absolutely love, in any form.IMG_5833So we started off with the star drink, the Avocado Chocolate Smoothie, which was absolutely delicious. I’m definitely going back for more of this. They also had a few interesting spiked concoctions to choose from, my dear friend Caroline tried the Pomegranate vodka based drink, which was great too. What I loved about the drinks at Cafe Felix is that nothing is too sweet, after having those excessively sweet drinks (that give you a sugar high on your very first sip) at most other places, the drinks here came as a pleasant surprise.IMG_5872We started our meal on a healthy note, actually to think of it, everything we ate was quite healthy. The first group of dishes to arrive at our table were the Cucumber and Tender Coconut Salad(yum yum yum), that came with cucumber noodles and crunchy tender coconut slices with a refreshing dressing.IMG_5841Baby Spinach and Watermelon Salad with fennel and walnuts, it has a rather unique and refreshing taste, very different from the regular watermelon feta.IMG_5858We also tried the Prawn and Raw Mango Salad which was absolutely delightful, it came with the portion of soba noodles and the prawns were fresh and lightly marinated.IMG_5874The next dish to grace our table was the humble Avocado Toast, just delicious mashed avocado layered on a huge slice of toast, with a nice dollop of feta of toast. How was it you ask? It was absolutely divine, to say the least (definitely going back for this one, I think I’ve already decided my order for my next visit). If you like Avocado, then this dish is a must try. Okay so let me stop bragging about the toast, it’s only toast, but but, this one is not just any other toast.IMG_5847So to divert my attention, a beautiful Beetroot Quinoa Burger was brought to us, and oh, I’ve never really eaten quinoa in the form of a patty, a bite into it and it was glorious and light. The buns were a tad dry, but otherwise this burger was delicious.IMG_5853I also managed to take a bit of their Veg Pizza which was just about alright, pizza is not something I would generally order.IMG_5884To wash it all down, we decided to try some of the other smoothies on offer, the Mixed Berry Yogurt Smoothie was delicious, full of the goodness of berries. The Dry Fig and Feta Smoothie was great too, but amidst all these smoothies, give a chance, I would still go back to the Avocado Chocolate.IMG_5890From the Bistro section, we tried the Ricotta and Pinenut Ravioli with Leek and Walnut Sauce with Roasted Asparagus, an ambrosial combination that I have no words to describe.IMG_5919Coming to the dessert, the owner , Rishad recommended that we choose our favorites from the dessert display, he also recommended the Cookie Skillet, but I’ve saved that for next time.IMG_5924.JPGSo we ended up trying the Baked Cheesecake with a berry compote, and let me tell you, this was the best cheesecake I’ve ever had. I mean ever, and I’ve done some pretty mad stuff for cheesecake, I ventured out to the biggest Cheesecake Factory in the world, thinking I’d get a bite of the best cheesecake ever, but who knew I would find it right here in Bangalore.IMG_5911This cheesecake really transcends all boundaries, it’s the best cheesecake I’ve had in my lifetime. We also tried the Salted Carmel tarts and Lemon Tart, both of which were really good, but the cheesecake takes center stage for me.IMG_5912

IMG_5898Overall, Cafe Felix is a wonderful place to relax and catch up with friends. Comfortable seating, comfort food, here it’s all about comfort at it’s best. They also have a terrace bar that the opened up during late evenings. The next time you’re around the area, do give Cafe Felix a try and if you go gaga over Avocados, then you’re going to love it even more.

Address: Level 5, 1 MG Mall, Swami Vivekananda Road, Trinity Circle, MG Road, Bangalore

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