A Hidden Gem – Sindh Kitchen, Indranagar

One of the greatest pleasures of being a food blogger is finding a hidden gem right in the heart of the city. Dishing out some hot favorites from the Northern frontier, a visit to Sindh Kitchen just changed my perspective of food from the Sindh region. The use of fresh ingredients , aromatic spices with a refreshing modern element to each dish. Each dish with a different story to tell.


Last week, I was invited for an exclusive tasting at Sindh Kitchen, on seeing the ratings on Zomato, I decided to go in with zero expectations and let me tell you, I was astonished. How could they have kept this place a secret? How, I still wonder and sometimes I even think of keeping this place to myself and maybe tell a few close friends, because I’m sure once discovered, there is going to be a serpentine queue outside this place (like most other popular joints in the city).


It’s located on 100 feet road, how does it still remain a hidden gem you ask? Well for one, it’s located inside a lodge with a sign of  iLodge that obscures the small little Sindh Kitchen signboard next to it.


Once you get into iLodge, you’ll be greeted by a sign that says ‘Cafe’ outside, so that might get you wondering if you’re at the right place. The ambiance, well there is really nothing to speak of, simple wooden chairs and tables. In fact it’s one of the simplest restaurants I’ve been to I must say, but one of the reasons they’ve kept it that way is because their food really speaks for itself.


A bite into their paneer dishes and you’ll completely understand what I mean by ‘their food does all the talking’. So we started off with a few rounds of Mint and Kaffir Lime Coolers that were refreshing and not loaded with sugar, for me it was perfect. The next to arrive on our table was the Seafood platter of Grilled Fish (Sea Bass), Mahi Kandhari Fish and Jhinga Balaika, the fish flavored to perfection, and all three dishes were phenomenal, the Fish Rolls deserve a special mention.


Next stop, we were introduced to the softest, most mouthwatering paneer in the form of their specialty-  Shikanji Paneer, that came with a delectable dry fruit stuffing. I can go on and on about the quality of their paneer, in two words- top class (I’ve only eaten this kind of paneer in Delhi). Some of my other favorite paneer starters were the Karare Dhanhiya paneer, soft pieces of paneer coated with dhaniya and fried, again a must try here and the Tandoori Paneer just melted in my mouth.


At Sindh Kitchen, they also serve a host of different mock meats, something I haven’t tried or rather something I’ve never bothered to try. For a hard core non-vegetarian who recently took to a pescatarian diet, this might come as a pleasant surprise.


The Soya Chaaps, simply out of this world, had the same texture as chicken, minus the guilt of eating chicken (atleast for me :P). Trust me, have a bite of their soya chaaps, that have twice the protein of regular chicken and you won’t go back to eating chicken again.


My tummy was doing a happy dance and I was still unable to process the fact that this place remains undiscovered. The next thing to grace our table was the Family Naan which was huge (humongous, it could feed not just one, but atleast 2-3 families). It came with a host of different curries, their Dal Afghani was another hit, creamy, flavorful and absolutely mind blowing. Loved the Lahori Paneer as well, this meal right here, made me a super super happy person. My fellow foodie friends, Caroline and Ojal, couldn’t stop raving about the Non-Vegetarian starters, especially the Turkistan Gosht and Murg Handi Lazeez.


We also tried some of their chaats and kachoris, again both were delicious, especially the Spinach Pakora Chaat. After this whole meal, we were stuffed, so I didn’t get to try their desserts this time, but I’m definitely going back.


So if you love Indian flavors, then you must check out this place, the only reason I’m giving it a 4.5 is due to the ambiance and maybe some fine tuning while plating (notice the water droplets in a few of the snaps), yes in that sense I’m a bit of a food snob. Kudos to Akshay Lutharia and his team for dishing out some pretty amazing food. If you’re in luck to have a chat with the owner, then he’ll even tell you a story or two about the royal influences and origins of the dishes that will add to your experience here at Sindh Kitchen. Thank you Ojal for hosting us 🙂

IMG_6508Website: http://www.smashingbread.com/

Address: iLodge, 1215, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore

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