Bringing in the Christmas Cheer! @Sheraton Grand Hotel, Bangalore

It’s almost that time of the year again. The spirit of the Christmas season has already started to kick-in here in Bangalore.


Last week, I was invited to my first cake mixing this year at Sheraton Grand Hotel, Bangalore. It was definitely one of the biggest cake mixing ceremonies I’ve been to. The event was well organised with some short eats, sangria and mulled wine to start with.


Then all of us proceeded to a large table where the mixing was to happen. A community event where guests, the staff at the hotel and a group of bloggers were invited to mix bucket loads of dry fruits with copious amounts of every alcohol available : in went bottles of wine, rum, whiskey and beer.


They also had a special non-alcoholic kids mixing section, where the kiddos mixed the dry fruits with juice. The aromas of dry fruits mixed with alcohol and spices wafting the air, there was just something so therapeutic about mixing it all together.


Overall it was a wonderful event organised by Sheraton, can’t wait to get a taste of the delicious Christmas cake.



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