Pizza Coma @ Brik Oven, Bangalore

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I’m so happy I’ve finally found the one, the one and only Brik Oven. Pizza is one thing I absolutely loved as a child, but thanks to doughy dry pizzas from Dominoes and most other so called ‘wood-fire’ pizza places in Bangalore, it started bringing up not so satisfying images. I will have to admit though, that a bunch of super fun ladies have rekindled my love for this lost treat, one visit to Brik Oven and I’m completely smitten.


Stretchy soft dough, fresh mozzarella, a dash of herbs and a sauce that’s perfezionare. They’ve really found the perfect balance here at Brik Oven, bringing to you what should be know as the Best Pizza in Bangalore(I still can’t believe it has been open for 2 years and I haven’t eaten here). A small space, located in Church Street, the decor is nothing over the top, simple yet classic,their pizzas really do all the talking. If you’re planning to go on a weekend, you will most likely have to wait for sometime to get a table, but it is totally worth it. (you’ll thank me later for sure ;).


One thing that gives me the chills, I mean it in a good way here, is the smell of fresh  bread. I sometimes dream of living close to a bakery because the smell of bread, straight out of the oven, is my weak in the knees moment, right there. Step into Brik Oven, close your eyes and take in the aromas of fresh bread, mingled with fresh cheese and a generous helping of herbs. Take a bite and you’ll completely understand what I mean by weak in the knees moment 😉 My friends are regulars at this place, so I left it to them to place the order. Also amidst all the excitement to devour your pizzas, don’t forget to check out their specials.


The have a host of pizzas(both veg and non-veg), shakes and waffles to choose from. The Smokey Marzano was the first to make its appearance, a classic pizza topped with fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, garlic, herbs, all topped with some fresh feta. On my very first bite, I knew I was in for a treat. Like most things in life, or so they say, it just kept getting better. The next to arrive was the Fig  Pizza, this one was simply mind blowing, I can very confidently say that it’s one of the best pizzas I’ve eaten in Bangalore. Perfectly balanced flavors with that slightly sweet after taste from the figs, and I think it was topped with Goat Cheese, that just enhanced the flavour of the pizza double fold.

The last pizza to arrive was the Massive Vibe, topped with lots of veggies, to balance out our rather indulgent meal. Again a great pizza, with a generous helping of cheesy goodness.

All good things come in small packages right? Sometimes with a rather big fat calorie count. So we decided to go all out on our so called ‘cheat meal’ and ordered one of their Big Bang Shakes(disclaimer: most of you know how I dislike sugary milky drinks aka milk shakes), so this one came with nutella, chocolate fudge, chocolate brownie, ice cream, topped with whipped cream and chocolate flakes. Hmmm, Big bang indeed right?I had one sip and I was pretty much sorted, but if you’re a crazy freak shake person, then you’re going to love this chocolaty combo. So unless you have a weird shake allergy(like I do), I would highly recommend that you try some of their shakes. How I wish, they had something a little lighter on their menu, maybe an ice tea or just some juice.


Now coming to the piece de resistance of our meal at Brik Oven, we decided to go ahead and order the Salted Caramel Waffles, that came with stewed apples, whipped cream and ice cream. That right there was one insanely heavenly combination, I absolutely loved it, definitely a must try.

And after that our fabulous meal at Brik Oven came to an end. I might have just found my favorite pizza place in the city, and trust me, this one’s a keeper. So the next time you’re planning on digging into a delicious authentic wood fire pizza, head straight to Brik Oven. Cheers to Delicioso Pizzas 🙂 Thank you Pallavi, Simrun, Shruti, Teju and Neha for introducing me to this place (some of the pictures are from them, I was too busy digging in 😉

Address: 18, Church Street, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

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