Local Love @ Golconda Pavillion

A trip to Hyderabad is not complete without a day specially dedicated to the local flavors of the land. Andhra cuisine has a lot to boast of in terms of flavour and we got a good introduction of some delicious Hyderabadi delicacies at the special Local Love lunch organized at Golconda Pavillion, ITC Kohenur.


A bunch of us bloggers were flown in from Bangalore for a special weekend at the newly opened ITC Kohenur in Hyderabad. A taste of special local food experiences awaited us at the Golconda Pavillion. With a very interesting mix of ingredients and traditional offerings, our meal at Golconda Pavillion was definitely a memorable one.


We started off our meal with a special TamalaPaaku Bajjilu or Betel Leaf Fritters, it was a bit greasy for me, but had a very interesting flavour to it. Next stop we had the Mirpakai Chalpulu that was delicious, a extremely rare mix of flavors that worked so well, and the fish was cooked to perfection.


One of my favorites from the Local love menu. For Mains, we had a Kalasa Koora or Mixed Vegetable Curry and Beerakaya Paalu Koora. The ridge gourd curry was a true winner, very similar to some of our dishes in Kerala, it was fabulous and it wasn’t overly either.


Another hit was the Dondakaya Pallila Yepudu, the peanuts added gave the whole dish a very different flavour. Now for the Charu, we had the Pappu Charu and Royyalu Gongura which was delicious too, a great mix of prawns cooked with sorrel leaves.


As part of the Staples menu, we tried the Seemapuri Attu which was great and I also love the Daddojannam or Andhra style curd rice. To end our meal, we were treated to a small bowl of Payasam.


And to wash it all down, I ordered a glass of tender coconut water, which was extremely refreshing, I don’t know if it’s just me, but everytime I order naariyal paani at a luxury hotel, it tastes so good. Maybe it’s me being a food snob, or maybe they specially source their tender coconuts. I hope the next tender coconut I try will live up to this 😉

Address: PLOT No.5, Survey No.83/1, Opp.Inorbit Mall, Madhapur, Madhapur

Website: https://www.itchotels.in/hotels/hyderabad/itckohenur/dining/golconda-pavilion.html

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