Mangalore Pearl- A Coastal Love Affair

On the lookout for some authentic Mangalorean food here in Bangalore ? Mangalore Pearl should be  your go to place. Once of the few restaurants in Bangalore that serve excellent food in true Mangalorean style,a hit among my Mangi friends, they consider it a home away from home.

A small place, lookout for this board.

When you enter the restaurant, you’ll be greeted by the aroma of fresh seafood and the beautiful caricatures on the wall speak for themselves.The caricatures depict everyday life in Mangalore. Beautifully done up place, simple, but with a whole new charm.


So one day I decided to introduce my family to Manglorean food, considering I’m from Kerala, the ingredients are pretty much the same. The divine combination of fresh seafood with coconut milk, indeed a match made in heaven. We started off our Manglorean culinary journey with a glass of sweet and sour. The lavishly sweetened Kokum juice coupled with the pungent buttermilk-like Solkadi, a great start to the meal.

Kokum Juice and Solkadi

For starters, they have a variety of different fish, prawns and squid options to choose from. We tried the famous Mangalorean Kaaney Rava Fry, nice and crisp on the outside. However, I found the fish to be rather bland on the inside. Next stop, we jumped straight to the mains. We ordered the Pork Vindaloo with Sannas and Kori Roti with Chicken Curry, both of which were delicious.

The soft fluffy Sannas goes really well with the slightly sweet Pork curry.We also ordered some Fish Curry with Red Rice and Neer Dosa. Loved the translucent, soft Neer Dosa, a perfect accompaniment to pretty much any curry. However, the fish curry was a huge disappointment, it lacked flavor and was rather tasteless.

To appease our sweet-tooth, we settled for the Rice Manni,a jelly-like dessert made from rice flour which was delicious. Bread Pudding, I found it to be slightly egg-y, something that is a huge put-off for me.

Bread Pudding and Rice Manni

Overall a great place to gorge on some authentic Mangalorean delicacies.The staff here are extremely friendly and the service rather quick. Ensure you reserve a table as this place gets really packed, especially during weekends.The food is also reasonably priced, generally you would expect to spend a bomb on seafood at restaurants, but here the pricing is perfect.

My recommendations: Rava Kaaney Fry, Neer Dosa, Sannas, Solkadi, Kokum Juice, Kori roti with Chicken Curry, Rice Manni

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